To Dan Shaerer

Erik Devriendt Erik.Devriendt at
Thu Nov 6 08:07:39 GMT 1997

Sorry to bother you guys, but this mail is for Dan Shaerer only.
I can't reach you Dan on  Dan.Shearer at
I get :

  <Dan.Shearer at>... Deferred: Connection timed out during
initial connection with
  Warning: message still undelivered after 1 hour
  Will keep trying until message is 3 days old

Some time ago I sent you a reply on your mail regarding accessing the samba
source directly via CVS.
I get the impression my reply did not reach you, so I try again.

I acces the Internet via a firewall.
How does this complicate usage of ssh and remote CVS ?

Erik 'Samba for STRATUS VOS' Devriendt

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