NTDOM: 1.9.18alpha progress.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Wed Nov 5 18:59:32 GMT 1997

the following applies only to people running the samba-1.9.18alpha series 
with -DNTDOMAIN.  anyone *not* running samba-1.9.18alpha with -NTDOMAIN: 
none of the code currently being added will affect any of the other 
features that need testing in samba (oplock support; nmbd improvements).

we've now had at least... five non-samba-team people successfully do domain
logons with NT 4.0 and NT 3.51 workstations.


1) if you have been using any of the early 1.9.18alpha series, and cannot 
get a login, even when using the latest alpha, you will need to change 
*both* the "domain sid = " to something different, as long as it's of the 
form S-1-5-21-NNN1-NNN2-NNN3, change the "workgroup = new_domain" 
parameter as well, and re-join this new domain.

if that fails, then repeat the procedure, but change the name of your NT
workstation, too. 

2) i've just been exploring the \PIPE\samr MSRPC set.  it's completely 
undocumented _even_ in Net Monitor.  this is not funny, as we will need 
to implement these to be able to create workstation accounts (i.e the bit 
where you type in an administrator username / password, when joining the 
domain).  i'm about half-way through this, but in the mean-time, i don't 
think we'll be able to release another (working) alpha *with -NTDOMAIN 
only* for a while.  *this does not affect any other features*.

more later...


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