SAMBA netlogons

Janet Dickson janet at
Wed Nov 5 15:31:47 GMT 1997

	I'm running Samba 1.9.16p11 with (mainly) Win95 PCs to mount network
drives and printers from a Sun network.  I have a simple netlogon script
which synchronises the PC time to the server.  In order to make this
work on the clients, in MS networks properties I clicked on 'Log on to
Windows NT domain' and entered the name of our Samba workgroup as the
domain name.  ** I am not running Windows NT on any machine **  However
this enables my netlogon scripts to work.  
	However, after the netlogon script has run, a window appears saying
'Please wait while your Win NT logon script executes'.  There is a
noticable delay before the drives are then mounted.  So my question is,
how do I prevent the PCs from, presumably, searching for this NT logon
script ?

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