Slow on SunOS 4.1.4 (Eudora mailer)

Paul Ostro paulo at
Wed Nov 5 09:27:43 GMT 1997

I have a problem with __extremely__ slow performance using the Eudora mailtool. Both the executables and the mailbox are on (different) Samba servers.

I have played with all the combinations of placements for executables and mailbox, and what it amounts to is that the slowness happens with the mailbox on a SunOS 4.1.4 Samba server. It doesn't happen on a Solaris based Samba server.

As an aside I was also getting very slow preformance on another application which read images (readonly, sequential, small reads) from the same SunOS based Samba server - and it was fast on the Solaris server. I read speed.txt and using socket options = TCP_NODELAY improved the SunOS machine's speed by a factor of 5 (86 -> 17 secs). Unfortunately this did not improve the Eudora mailer performance !!

I have thought about the different Suns' memory and basic speed, but it seems to come down to the Samba build (SunOS vs Solaris). (But I havn't excluded all other causes yet).

Does anybody recognise these symptoms, please? Have I missed a key configuration parameter?

Relevant global setiings (unravelled from include files), and [homes] section where mailbox sits. We have an NT PDC.

  allow hosts = @pcs, @suns, @nt_servers
  browseable = yes
  create mode = 0750
  dead time = 15
  debug level = 1
  domain logons = no
  domain master = no
  encrypt passwords = yes
  getwd cache = yes
  guest account = nobody
  hide dot files = no
  load printers = yes
  locking = yes
  mangled names = yes
  max connections = 0
  min print space = 0
  null passwords = no
  password server = <name>
  public = no
  security = server
  server string = Samba %v (%h-%d)
  share modes = yes
  wide links = no
  wins support = no
  workgroup = <NT Domain Name>
  writeable = no

  printcap name = /etc/printcap
  printing = bsd 

  wins server = <IP of NT Domain PDC>

  preferred master = no
  local master = yes
  os level = 10

   comment = Home Directory on %h
   writeable = yes
   browseable = no
   include = /local/lib/samba/valid_users.%h

Paul Ostro
University College London Hospitals

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