Problems starting smbd as a daemon

Laura Quattrocchi laura at
Wed Nov 5 11:09:10 GMT 1997

Hello Everyone,
I have installed samba-1.9.17p4 on a linux 2.0.29 box, but the server work
correctly only as a client. Testparm runs ok, but when i try to list the
shares available on my server, this is the output:

Added interface ip = bcast = nmask = 
Session request failed (0,0) with myname = DNS2 destname = DNS2 
Unspecified error 0x0
Your server software is being unfriendly

I try to start smbd and nmbd as a daemon, but only the nmbd runs. This is
the error message in the log file:

Added interface ip = bcast = nmask = bind failed on port 139 socket_addr = 0 (Address already in

I looked at my /etc/services what is defined at port 139 and i think
everything is correct.
No problems for me whith my network in all other cases.
What i'm doing wrong?
Can anyone help me?
Thanks. Laura 

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