64 bit filesystems

J.A. Gutierrez spd at gtc1.cps.unizar.es
Tue Nov 4 19:52:10 GMT 1997


	Samba, even the latest alpha, uses -n32 mode for IRIX 6.x.
	In n32 mode, sizeof(ino_t) is 8 bytes (I guess this
	is to support XFS filesystem); but in source/smb.h
	file_fd_struct uses uint32 for inodes.
	(and the OPLOCK command (whatever it is) uses 4 bytes,

	Probably the right way would be to use ino_t; but
	I have no idea if this will break something.

	(I'm having strange fails on samba-1.9.17p4 running
	on IRIX 6.2 XFS (sometimes, users gets disconnected when load
	is high and they are compiling using VC++ 4.x on NT 4)
	and still haven't found the cause; anyway I doubt it's this
	since I can't find files with inode number higher enough)


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