problem with sef extracting exe-files...

Nick Parker npar at
Tue Nov 4 15:44:42 GMT 1997

>>self extracting exe-files on a samba-mounted disk from NT 4.0.
>>If you place the exe-file in a directory called "12345678.123"
>>( 8.3 filename ), there is no problem.
>>If you place the exe-file in a directory called "123456789" ( long filename),
>>you get a message window which says it couldn't locate the exe-file.
>I noticed a similar problem when using the dos edit command to open a file
>on a samba share in a directory with a long file name and then trying to
>print the file (from within edit that is).  You will get a "Edit was unable
>to find the path 'LPT1'" error.

This doesn't look like a Samba problem to me. Try doing the same tests on an NTFS volume with a long name in the path. I think you'll find the same results. Both edit and the extractor are 16-bit programs and they therefore can only deal with short names. Under certain circumstances they get very confused when they try comparing truncated-long and tilde-converted-long names.

Nick Parker
Berger-Levrault, France

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