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We are starting a new web site called Cranked Online BMX Magazine.
Currently there are only a few links and a chat room (which seems to
work really well).  In the near future we plan to add a track directory,
product reviews, pro interviews, photo shoots, etc.  

Now is the time we need to hear from you. If you are a person that is
interested in BMX we would like your suggestions and comments about our
site.  We would also like for you to visit our chat room at 8:00pm
eastern time on Wednesday evenings.  There you will be able to meet
other people with your same interests and enjoy good conversation about
BMX, freestyle and dirt jumping. We hope to get the other areas of our
site up and running very quickly so you can stay informed and educated
on the latest happenings in the bmx, freestyle and dirt jumping worlds.

If you are a business in the bmx releated industry, perhaps you would
like to advertise on our site. Rates have not been set as of yet but
rest assured they will be VERY cheap. We are not looking to make a
living off this site, we just want to pay the isp fees. We are doing
this because BMX interests us, and we would like to see it become
stronger than it is today.

If you are a track organizer, please e-mail us the location and all
pertinant information about the track. We will even post your track's
1998 schedule and a monthly newsletter if you send us the information.
You must write the newsletter yourself and e-mail it to us, we'll
convert it to the html code necessary for it to be viewed on our site.
Use the newsletter to announce upcoming track events or whatever you
like. This service costs nothing.

If you are running a BMX related web site and would like a link to your
site from our links page, e-mail is the necessary information and we'll
add it. We do ask that you add a link to our site but it is not

You can visit our site at We hope to see you

Cranked Online BMX Magazine
E-Mail:  thunder at

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