NT Domain Authentication - work in progress

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Sat Nov 1 21:59:44 GMT 1997

Samba with experimental Login support for NT 3.5 and NT 4.0 Workstation
(stand-alone replacement for an NT Server Primary Domain Controller) is
currently at version 1.9.18alpha10.

[The Samba 1.9.18alpha series also supports oplocks (which enables SMB
clients to locally cache a file, unless someone else also wishes to access

I will be spending the next few days building up a series of packet traces
(my thanks to NEC R&D UK Ltd for sending me a replacement PSU for the NT
server!) using NetMonitor (netmon.exe, supplied with the NT Server
distribution, and with the MSDN Level 2 distribution).  If anyone else
wishes to assist with this process, please feel free to contact me
regarding the generation of NetMonitor traces of NT Workstation <-> NT
Server interactions. 

The documentation of the MS RPC Pipes is progressing: the section on the
RPC Pipes, which is an API command over the SMB "Transact" IPC$ pipe, has
been developed.  Currently documented is part of the over-the-wire format
of the "Local Security Authority" interaction - \PIPE\ntlsa, \PIPE\lsasrv
and \PIPE\lsass; and the "NT Net Logon" interaction - \PIPE\NETLOGON.

Comments on this document are welcomed, and should be made to the authors,
or on the CIFS digest (cifs at discuss.microsoft.com). The latest draft is at

For those people interested in developing their own NT Domain Logon
Server; writing NT Domain PAMs; adding support for NT Domain Logons into
their unix or other operating system, the RPC pipe code (both client and
server) has been split into a separate library, and is at present being
issued under the GLPL.

For those people interested in crashing NT, please don't: this code was 
not written for that purpose.

please contact lkcl at switchboard.net direct for details on the NT Domain 
Authentication.  please contact samba-bugs at samba.anu.edu.au regarding any 
other samba issues.


luke (samba team member)

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