NT 4.0 Client and Win95 clients and browsing problems in general.

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at mhsc.com
Thu Jul 31 21:50:29 GMT 1997

At 05:24 AM 8/1/97 +0000, Mark L Roberts wrote:
>I am using samba-1.9.16p11 and have not been able to make browsing work
from my
>9.04 HP where it is on a switched ethernet segement alone.  

I've run it on both HP-UX 9.04 (E-800) and 10.03 (I-370) with no problem.
Are you sure that you are running 'nmbd' ? With switching, you shouldn't
have to run 'remote announce'. Does local browsing work? If not then you
need to look at your install again.

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