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Ian Kremenic ian at
Thu Jul 31 14:12:15 GMT 1997

> I've installed Samba ("latest") on SCO's openserver 5 with a WIN'95 hanging 
> off of it as a client.
> I can run every test in DIAGNOSI.txt except for number 2. That is, the WIN'95
> ...
> The SCO box uses /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf for domain name resolution 
> and the WIN'95 box points to the SCO box as the DNS. Do I actually have to set
> up DNS/BIND on the SCO box or can Samba use the /etc/hosts setup as the text
> file appears to indicate?

>From what you've described, the Win95 box is looking to the SCO box 
for DNS, but the SCO box isn't a name server--it's getting name 
service from somewhere else, namely the host specified in 
/etc/resolv.conf (or it's just looking up names in /etc/hosts).  
Either tell the Win95 box to get name service from the server 
specified in resolv.conf, or make up an lmhosts file for it based on 
the /etc/hosts file on the SCO box.  Or, setup the SCO box as a 
nameserver, if you feel like it.


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