Samba and ClearCase

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Tue Jul 29 15:27:00 GMT 1997

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> Subject: Samba and ClearCase
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> We're trying to use samba to let our PC's mount view extended
pathnames used 
> by clearcase but they show up as empty.  If anyone's used samba and
> Case (by Pure Atria) and gotten it to work I'd love to hear how.
> thanks,
> Bill

I've tried using samba and clearcase but had different problems. If you
just want to see an MVFS exported filesystem (view), samba works for the
most part. If the view is large, occasionally filepointers get crossed.
In other words, if you edit file.c, you may be looking at a totally
differnt file. If you "cleartool endview -server" the view and restart
it, everything comes back. Clearcase definitely has a probelm with

I have the following setup in my smb.conf file and I can see stuff in my

        comment = MySystem /view/myview/proj/vob/myproject
        path = /view/myview/proj/vob/myproject
        create mask = 0775
        writeable = yes
        read list = @eng, @clearcase
        write list = @eng, @clearcase

All my clearcase users are in the "eng" group and I give the "clearcase"
group write access because of the clearcase_albd user needing the

Sheldon Daigle
Security Dynamics Inc.

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