Amanda 1.9.16p11 PC backups...

Ian Crakanthorp ian at
Sat Jul 26 07:56:28 GMT 1997

Have you run smbclient manually?  You will be able to narrow down
if it is SAMBA or AMANDA.  And did you patch SAMBA with the amanda
patch to the SAMBA distribution (And I mean a patch to SAMBA not to AMANDA)
It is at the Web site at umd.  You need this patch or no estimate will
be found.


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>At 04:43 PM 7/25/97 -0300, you wrote:
>>Ernie Oporto writes:
>>> At 04:05 PM 7/25/97 -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>>>> Ernie Oporto writes:
>>>>> Also, the smbclient call only seems to be working for NT servers.  All of
>>>>> the Win95 machines reject the connection.  The Win95 machines are set to
>>>>> User-level access control to the same server that samba is running on.
>>>> Well, if smbclient cannot access Win95 hosts, it is a problem in your
>>>> Win95 configuration or in samba, not it amanda.
>>> Ignoring Win95 for the moment, the server I *was* able to connect to is a
>>> Windows NT machine.  Samba-amanda doesn't work there and gives the message
>>> that I posted.
>>I had told you in my last message that you should not use backslashes
>>(\); use slashes (/) instead.  Besides, amanda will never perform a
>>level-0 backup in degraded mode, that is, if it does not have a tape
>>to write to.
>I changed that to regular slashes and it got rid of some of the messages in
>the AMANDA logs.  The tape is a problem through, since I was hoping to just
>dump to holding area.  I'm still testing this all out, so I didn't want to
>commit to adding a tape drive.  Looks like I'll have to do that now.
>>There are also two patches in the patches page related with SAMBA
>>support.  I hope you have applied them, but they do not have anything
>>to do with the problems you've got so far.
>Since I'm using AMANDA, I am assuming those patches are already in
>there.  Yes?
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