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A Friendly Hello!
>	I have recently discovered an incredible computer software program
>that has given me the opportunity to do the things in life that I have
>always wanted to do.
>	I discovered this program in the newsgroups, while searching for 
>an opportunity to help me achieve my dreams and goals.  There were many 
>other programs and ideas available, but after thorough research I found 
>most of them to be costly and ineffective.  Another problem I had was to 
>find a program that wasn't a scam or a gimmick. I wanted a program with 
>integrity and the support of people with integrity.
>	The software program I would like to share with you is free!  It 
>will provide you with all the tools and information needed to start this 
>amazing business quickly and effectively.  In addition, a team of computer 
>savvy business entrepreneurs is standing by to offer their expertise to 
>help you build your business with a rock solid foundation.
>	Unlike the "get-rich-quick" schemes, this business does not make any 
>false claims.  It will require some time and persistence.  However, the 
>rewards this business generates will more than compensate your efforts.
>	The software is free. The support team is ready.  We will guide you 
>through every step.  
>If you wish to get started immediately, visit my website at:
>Note: Some email programs may not display this address as a hyperlink or 
>may not allow the hyperlink to connect with the web site. If you 
>are experiencing these problems, please follow these instructions:
>1/ Highlight the web page address located above.
>2/ Press Ctrl and C simultaneously on your keyboard. (Copy)
>3/ Go to the field marked "location" on your browser. (Eg. Netscape)
>4/ Highlight the existing address in the "location" field.
>5/ Press Ctrl and V simultaneously. (Paste)
>6/ Press Enter to go to
>7/ Follow the download instructions listed on the web page.
>8/ To have the program sent to you directly, please email me at:
>     MegaMoneyMakers at
>9/ Email me with any questions and I will help you turn your
>     computer into a cash register!
>Thank you for taking the time to read about this amazing business! 

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