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Bill Campbell bill at
Mon Jul 21 23:26:19 GMT 1997

On Tue, Jul 22, 1997 at 01:16:29AM +0000, Antony King wrote:
>I've an odd problem with samba, running on SCO3.2.4.1. (sys.V)
>Most PC's (runing win95 or NT) seem to print fine.
>A few however will print the first print job OK, but will not print
>again until either the samba deamon is restarted or the PC is reset,

The usual problems are incorrect print commands in your smb.conf file.
One that we ran into with SCO Release 5 (3.2v5.??) was that they
changed the way the lp command operates and don't automatically make a
copy of the file so the SAMBA print job was done and the file deleted
before the print job got to the spooler.  Here's the command we use
for our printer->fax gateway on our system:
   print command = /usr/local/bin/lp -dfaxprn < %s 2>> /tmp/plog%u; rm %s

If you're using the vanilla SCO lp command, I think the option to
force it to make a copy of the file is -c.

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