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Antony King ant at
Mon Jul 21 09:58:48 GMT 1997

I've an odd problem with samba, running on SCO3.2.4.1. (sys.V)
Most PC's (runing win95 or NT) seem to print fine.

A few however will print the first print job OK, but will not print
again until either the samba deamon is restarted or the PC is reset,
or if a new printer is added on the PC that points to the same
place. The connection is made, and the print job is spooled by samba
(into /tmp) but the lp service doesn't seem to see it.  Restarting
the SMB daemon doesn't appear to forward these 'lost' print jobs.

The printer is also set up on another unix box, which accepts smb
requests and forwards them to the SCO3.2.4.1 box via lp. If the same
user prints to this unix box (running SCO then it comes out
fine, AND _some_ of the previous jobs come out that had been sent to 
the other unix box. 

Is this a problem that you have seen before ? It looks like samba
isn't talking to the lp system on the box properly; I'd be
really grateful for any ideas, as I'm at a bit of a loss !


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