How to write a printcap entry for remote printer

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Tue Jul 15 21:00:10 GMT 1997

Chuck Bearden <cbearden at> wrote:

: I am sharing some printers attached to Win95 boxes, and would like to be
: able to do more than connect from Linux with smbclient and print via
: translate.  I would like to be able to specify a printcap entry for these
: so as to be able to print from pine or lynx or Netscape (when I get X
: running here at work).  

: I haven't found anything in Samba docs or LDP docs yet to tell me how to
: write such an entry on my Linux box for a queue on a remote Samba printer.
: Can anyone point me to something that will describe this?

I don't know if this will help but I have this: a printer connected to a 
Windoze 95 machine and that has an entry in my Linux box's /etc/printcap.
Anyone can use standard BSD style printing to print to the Windows 95's
printer (BSD printing request gets send through SMB to the Windows 95 box).

My /etc/printcap entry is:

laserjet4l|remote-smbprinter printing to Windows 95's LaserJet 4L:\

The key here is the line that says "if=/usr/local/sbin/smbprint".
smbprint is a shell script supplied with the Samba distribution. I think
you'll find a document in the examples directory of the distribution
that explain how to set this up.

Let me know if you need more information on how to set this up and I'll
be glad to help.

Good luck.



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