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 I will thank you if you help to solve some problems I founded installing SAMBA 
version 1.9.17p4 in a PC 486DX2 with SCO Open Server 3.0 ( rel. 3.2v4.2),
in a local ethernet network with PCs using Windows 95.

 The problems arise when I tried to configure a Unix server using PPP, because I
want to connect a number of individual PC's (Windows 95) using telephone lines.
In order to keep the routing straight, the dialup systems got addresses on the
same subnet as the PPP server.

When the dialup PC connects the PPP server the main problem is:

-I list the computers in the local network , but I can browse the resources
ONLY in the Unix PC. I can't go to any PC's (W95).

 May be I did not configure correctly the PPP server, may it's a Samba's bug.

Could you help me?

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