Weird problem with smb 1.9.17p4 and p5

Jim Tollefson jimt at
Tue Dec 30 21:51:10 GMT 1997

Overall environment is SunOS and Solaris 2.X machines running a mixture of
smb.1.9.17.p4 and p5.

This machine is a SunOS 4.1.3_U1 running smb.1.9.17p5. (debug level 3)

AAAA is Primary Domain Controller (NT4.0)
zotz is Win95 machine

>From smb.conf:

security = server
password server = aaaa

>From log.zotz:

Connecting to at port 139
connected to password server aaaa
got session
password server OK
using password server validation
Selected protocol NT LM 0.12
12/30/97 13:34:45 Transaction 2 of length 168
switch message SMBsesssetupX (pid 7457)
Domain=[STATSCI-NT2]  NativeOS=[Windows 4.0] NativeLanMan=[Windows 4.0]
password server AAAA gave guest privilages
12/30/97 13:34:45 error packet at line 537 cmd=115 (SMBsesssetupX) eclass=2 ecode=2
12/30/97 13:34:45 Transaction 3 of length 168
switch message SMBsesssetupX (pid 7457)

Does anybody know what would cause the "error packet at line 537 cmd=115
(SMBsesssetupX) eclass=2 ecode=2" error message above?  The user gets
asked for his password to make the connection and then he gets a "The
password is incorrect. Try again." error dialog.  "jimtest" is a
non-administrative account.  The connection works fine with users who
have administrator privileges on the NT servers.  The connections were all
working fine until the PDC started acting flaky and then died.  The PDC is
backup now, and the errors are still happening.  I am thinking that there is
a problem on the NT side of the house.  Our NT admin had just cleaned out
a bunch of old accounts and groups that he though we didn't need anymore, prior
to the problems starting.  Any ideas on where we should look for problems.

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 that policy would also keep them from doing clever things."  (Doug Gwyn)

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