Junk e-mail .... help needed!!!

Peter Blake ppb at baloo.tcp.co.uk
Thu Dec 25 10:25:00 GMT 1997

On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, KR  Sundaram wrote:

> Hi!!
> Of late, I'm getting a lot of un-solicited mails from this
> list, and inspite of un-subscribing mails, messages, threats
> , nothing really seems to work...

Don't do this - it only confirms your existence to the spammer.

Instead, send a complaint, attaching the ENTIRE offending email, with ALL
the headers to the postmaster@<spammers site>.

Also, send a copy to the postmaster@<your ISP>, asking for action to be
taken against the spammers site.

You will find a lot of help on:


Anti-relay and general anti-hacker precautions can be found on:


If the offending site persists, send an email to the relevant postmasters
telling them that you are blocking their site, and then block their site.

> My question: 
> 1. Is there any way I can 'avoid' or 'bounce' incoming messages
> at the mail-server level??
> 2. I cannot change my address (alias) as such... since this 
>  involves sending reminders to God knows how many people...
> So, it'd be nice to have some inputs on this problem of mine..
> And, if possible, please e-mailme direct, : to
> k.sundram at blr.sni.de
> That's   k.sundram at blr.sni.de
> Thanks
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