[Q]Group Authentication of Samba

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at mhsc.com
Wed Dec 24 17:21:03 GMT 1997

At 12:11 24-12-97 +1100, Gong Wei (NSL) wrote:
>Hi friends,
>I am using RedHat 4.2 with the shipped samba package which works great
>for me.   Now I am wondering, is there any way to let a group of people
>access a particular share without modifying anything on the unix box?
>My password server is a NT PDC, which is also the WINS server.
>>From the man page, it seems that samba will look through the UNIX
>group/passwd file to find all person belongs to that group, so what
>would happen if I am using a NT machine as the password server?
>Since NT is my password server, so I would like to let all my account
>management work to be done on NT only, no need to maintain  on two

I tried this, the problem is that you still have to setup an account and
user directory, if you use [homes]. So this will not solve your problem.
I'm looking at a KerbNet/SSH solution now.
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