[Q]Group Authentication of Samba

Gong Wei (NSL) GWEI at natsteel.com.sg
Wed Dec 24 01:11:19 GMT 1997

Hi friends,

I am using RedHat 4.2 with the shipped samba package which works great
for me.   Now I am wondering, is there any way to let a group of people
access a particular share without modifying anything on the unix box?
My password server is a NT PDC, which is also the WINS server.

>From the man page, it seems that samba will look through the UNIX
group/passwd file to find all person belongs to that group, so what
would happen if I am using a NT machine as the password server?

Since NT is my password server, so I would like to let all my account
management work to be done on NT only, no need to maintain  on two

Thanks for your reading and merry christmas to you all:-)

Gong Wei

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