Password Synchronization

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Dec 24 11:43:56 GMT 1997

> This means, transforming an unix-password into an nt-password with only
> knowing the encrypted text from /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow would actually
> mean decrypting the password - which should be inpossible for todays
> computers.
> The reverse transformation , from an nt-encrypted password to an
> unix-password should be possible - but I don't know any program which
> would do this 

about the only way i can think of that would get around this one is to
modify the unix login system to go _via_ the 16 byte lm hash:

user: lkcl
password: foo

if (strequal(unixcrypt(lmcrypt(foo)), getunixlmpasswd(lkcl)))


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