/etc/passwd - Domain Controller Synchronization

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Tue Dec 23 18:26:29 GMT 1997

hi thomas,

i can't reply to your address t.h.tmh./cop at manbw.dk.  this is a test
message: please reply to it.  if i don't hear from you with a correct
email address to reply to, i'll attempt to raise your attention via the
samba digest.

best regards,


On Wed, 24 Dec 1997 Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at manbw.dk wrote:

>      On Wed, 10 Dec 1997 Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at manbw.dk wrote:
>      > HI all.
>      > 
>      > I know this has been discussed quite some time, my I am still a bit 
>      > confused:
>      > 
>      > If you have a encrypted passwd on your unix box, would it be 
>      possible to
>      > take the "encrypted text" and use it as input for a windows program, 
>      > which would then update the PDC's regestry. If yes, does anyone know 
>      of
>      > a "commecial" util.
>      >Luke Wrote:
>      >yes.  there is a utility with the NT server distribution which is 
>      >equivalent to the pwdump program.  i believe it's in the netutil 
>      >directory.
>      >luke
>      I cannot find what you are talking about: If 
>      you have the util, just email it to me, since I have a microsoft 
>      select deal.
>      Has anyone implementet a password syncronize, where you take your 
>      /etc/passwd and use it for input to the PDC, using some kind of pc 
>      program?
>      Happy regards
>      Thomas

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