Junk e-mail .... help needed!!!

KR Sundaram krs at blr.sni.de
Tue Dec 23 09:39:58 GMT 1997


Of late, I'm getting a lot of un-solicited mails from this
list, and inspite of un-subscribing mails, messages, threats
, nothing really seems to work...

My question: 

1. Is there any way I can 'avoid' or 'bounce' incoming messages
at the mail-server level??

2. I cannot change my address (alias) as such... since this 
 involves sending reminders to God knows how many people...

So, it'd be nice to have some inputs on this problem of mine..

And, if possible, please e-mailme direct, : to
k.sundram at blr.sni.de

That's   k.sundram at blr.sni.de

*****         K R Sundaram                 *****
*****  E-mail : k.sundram at blr.sni.de       *****

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