domain logins across subnets

Herbert Rosmanith herp at
Tue Dec 23 07:01:14 GMT 1997


I wonder if it is possible to do a domain-logon to a domain-server which
is placed in a different subnet.
I have the following primitive layout:
a) some win95 clients
b) a NT-server
c) a linux-server on both subnets,
   which acts as a router.

192.168.2/ = win95

     |   |          eth2
                    | linux router + samba 17p4
                    +--------+---  192.168.1/
                    eth1     | NT

I have managed to get across subnet browsing to work, but only if
the linux-box wins the browser election (?).
I do not know how to make across subnet logon to work.
the win95 clients always tell "no domain-server available" (sorry,
that is the translation of the german text).

When doing a tcpdump, I see that the win95-clients send a broadcast
to, asking for the domain ("HBLADOMAIN", type 0x00),
but the linux-box will never answer.

The NT-server is also in this domain.

Should I put the linux-box in a different domain ? Should it also be
part of the "HBLADOMAIN".
I have turned on wins support and wins proxy on the linux box.
But regardless if I enable wins and enter the linux adress in the
server field on the win95 box, finding the domain-server will
fail always.

Is there any method of adding static entries to the samba-configuration ?
Like, telling that where the server for HBLADOMAIN can *always* be found ?
I decided that TCP/IP should be the only protocol on the net, and the
IP-adress of any servers are unlikely to change.

Here is part of my /etc/smb.conf

;  null passwords = yes
;  encrypt passwords = no
;  workgroup = nixdomain
   workgroup = hbladomain
;  workgroup = unix_domain
;  workgroup = haitauwa_domain
   case sensitive = no
   logon path = \\HS1\Beprofil\%U
;  logon path = /disk2/win95/Beprofil/A01
;  logon script = \\HS1\NETLOGON\LOGONSCR.BAT
   logon script = LOGONSCR.BAT
;  domain controller = hs1
   domain logons = no
   domain master = no
   local master = no
   preferred master = no
   os level = 15
;  os level = 1
   wins support = yes
;  wins server =
   wins proxy = yes
   interfaces =
   guest account = smbuser

as you see, I have already played around a lot with the config-file,
but cannot get it to work. i.e., "domain controller = hs1" did not have
any influence on the behaviour :-(
(hs1 is the netbios name of the NT-server).

herbert rosmanith

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