1.9.18alpha13 (note + question)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Mon Dec 22 17:20:16 GMT 1997

On Mon, 22 Dec 1997, Simon Oosthoek wrote:

> Hi,
> I've installed the latest alpha (13) release of 1.9.18 and it's 
> working fine. The problems [1] we had with browsing when using 
> 1.9.17pX releases of nmbd appear to be gone.

> I've noticed a lot of entries in the log.nmbd file with this version 
> of the form:
> find_response_record: repsonse packet id 11519 received with no 
> matching record.
> find_subnet_for_nmb_packet: response record not found for response id 
> 11519
> (note the typo: repsonse instead of response ;-)
> What does this mean? I've not noticed any problems, but maybe other 
> machines do?

check the ip address of the sender: it should be marked in there, at debug
log level 5 or maybe above.  alternatively, modify the above message (grep
the code for the work "repsonse" :-) to report the ip address.

you will probably find one of two, three... four (so far.  five!) things:

a) you have broadcast forwarding switched on, and samba is receiving
response packets it knows nothing about.

b) you have an incorrectly configured router which is bleeding traffic
from other subnets onto the samba one, causing it to report that it can't
find a netbios response packet (which is probably a broadcast packet).

c) you have one of your clients incorrectly configured: check the subnet
and network addresses of the offending client (check ip address of sender
of message id 11519 etc etc)

d) your network is under attack: someone is faking netbios packets from
outside (or inside) your network, trying to pretend to be a local machine
on your local subnets.  then again, it could equally be an incorrectly
configured client

e) it's a bug in samba, and you should send a debug log.nmb file at level
5 (tar.gz it, and include a description of your server, and your smb.conf
file) from when you start nmbd, up until you receive... oh, two or three
of those messages?


> please enlighten me :-)


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> Simon.
> [1] Server being invisible in the workgroup, only the server and one 
> other host visible, workgroup not accessible/visible in the entire 
> network.

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