1.9.18alpha13 (note + question)

Simon Oosthoek simon at margo.student.utwente.nl
Mon Dec 22 08:32:57 GMT 1997


I've installed the latest alpha (13) release of 1.9.18 and it's 
working fine. The problems [1] we had with browsing when using 
1.9.17pX releases of nmbd appear to be gone.

I've noticed a lot of entries in the log.nmbd file with this version 
of the form:

find_response_record: repsonse packet id 11519 received with no 
matching record.
find_subnet_for_nmb_packet: response record not found for response id 
(note the typo: repsonse instead of response ;-)

What does this mean? I've not noticed any problems, but maybe other 
machines do?

please enlighten me :-)


[1] Server being invisible in the workgroup, only the server and one 
other host visible, workgroup not accessible/visible in the entire 

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