Encryption and Server Level Security

Ken Seitz ken at dra.com
Mon Dec 22 03:17:08 GMT 1997

After reading through the documentation, I am still not sure if my Samba
servers are using encryption to talk to the password server.

I use my NT PDC to authenticate connections to the Samba servers via the
"security = SERVER" and "password server = PDC" options.  According to
the security_level.txt, the client negotiates encryption level with the
samba server and then sends username/password information.  It also says
that the Samba server simply passes this information along to the
password server if you are using the SERVER level of security.  However,
it does not say if the encryption option with work with this.

I currently have both options on in smb.conf, and a debug level of 4.  I
do NOT have a smbpasswd file created.  I do not see any errors in the
log files.

To summarize, is it possible to use encrypted passwords while
authenticating on another server?  If so, do I need a smbpasswd file?

Thanks for the help!

Ken Seitz
   - DRA Network Associate
   - http://www.dra.com
   - ken at dra.com

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