Accessing a Samba server over the Internet

Simon Greener simon.greener at
Fri Dec 19 14:54:52 GMT 1997


I want to connect to Samba volumes on a SCO Open Server 5 over the Internet
from my NT 4 workstation.  My workstation is in a local domain and gets a
dynamic IP address when it connects to my ISP; the Internet hostname is also
dynamic and can't be predicted.

I can determine my ISP's B class subnet which I have put into the smb.conf
file in the 'hosts allow' entry.

However, connections to Samba shares fail with a 'bad handle' message.  I've
tried connecting as <username> and <domain>/<username>, both fail but the
latter seems to work best with the 'bad handle' response rather than a
'could not find it at all' message.

I do have the clear text password registry patch so what else ?

Suggestions and comment are welcome,

Simon Greener

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