about Samba and NT

Yang Yang doubleya at bme.utmem.edu
Fri Dec 19 03:07:50 GMT 1997

i have a PC installed Linux 2.0.30.  And i am now trying to connect it
to a NT 4.0 server. i have installed a samba-1.9.17p2 on my Linux
machine, it can connect Win95 and worked very well. Also from the  Linux,
using "smbclient -L", i can see the NT box directly and can log on through
shared name. but from NT box, i cann't find my linux, it is always said
"the netpath cannot be found", i have done everything as diagnose.txt,
but it still cannot work.
and also i have enabled plaintext password login
from NT by making a change to the NT registry.
Also i can use smbclient -L localhost on the linux box to view its own
so now i am really lost.
Could u give me some advice? i will really appreciate it.  


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