Weird name registration in 1.9.18alpha13

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Thu Dec 18 13:54:07 GMT 1997

For those following this, there was a bug in nmbd that was screwing
multi-homed WINS registrations. The Samba team fixed it and will be
present in the next 1.9.18alpha release.


Eloy A. Paris <eparis at> wrote:
: Hi,

: I am testing the new nmbd code in 1.9.18alpha13 and am getting very
: weird WINS registration results.

: One machine with two interfaces (one ethernet and one PPP) is
: requesting a multi-homed registration. One IP address is correct
: ( for eth0) but the other one is completely incorrect
: ( when it should be, for the PPP interface).

: The WINS server (another box running 1.9.18alpha13) registers fine
: what it is being told to register (that crappy IP address) so
: everything is screwed:

: MCBO#20 882651530 44R
: MCBO#03 882651530 44R
: MCBO#00 882651530 44R

: I really think there is a problem here because with 1.9.17p4
: everything worked fine (without multi-home registrations, of course).

: If anyone wants more information or debug logs, just let me know.

: Thanks,

: E.-


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