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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Dec 17 20:42:29 GMT 1997

On 16 Dec 1997, Mark Evans wrote:

> How do get information on domain logins shown
> in the log files, currently all I am getting is
> showing of the netlogon share being opened and 
> closed.

see ipc.c:

in the NetWkstaUserLogon and / or NetWkstaGetInfo functions, decrease the
levels of the DEBUG statements, or add your own.

> Whereas it would be usefull to have
> successful and unsucessful attempts logged.

ur...  except using DCE/RPC in the nt domain version and therefore with nt
workstations only, you don't _have_ the concept of successful or
unsuccessful "logins"!  you certainly don't have the concept of a
"logout":  you can only tell a Win95 client its profile details

> Also I would like to have smbstatus show 
> where a domain login is present. How easy
> is it to add this to the display.

i will be adding something vaguely like this to the version currently in

> Specifically
> how is smbstatus getting the information.

through locking.c, which has a higher order function table.  one of the
things that can be done is to enumerate through the open files and open
sessions, regardless of whether you are doing FAST_SHARE_MODES
(locking_shm.c) or the old slow file-based share modes (locking_slow.c) 

> By some sort of interprocess communication
> with the smbd processes?


i'm just having to look at this, to be able to imlement "remote" 
smbstatus commands in smbclient. 


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