Bartlomiej Czardybon czar at
Wed Dec 17 18:37:35 GMT 1997

What is the status of this software ?  Is there anobody taking care of it ?

I ask, because I've got incredible and strange problems using it 
(SIGSEGVs in library routines...) and I want to ask if this
is reliable software...

OR: is there any project ongoing which hash an aim to make a user
friendly library of routines to use windows shares from "C" ?

I want to point that in list of 'Related Software' in README of
main directory of samba distributions is written:

- smblib, a library of smb functions which are designed to make it
easy to smb-ise any particular application. See

... well... is there anybody who used this code with success ?

Bartlomiej Czardybon 
PiK-Net, SysAdm

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