Samba - Amiga, smbclient recurs problem

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at
Mon Dec 15 15:09:23 GMT 1997

Den 08-Dec-97 00:13:12 skrev Chris Ryan følgende om "Samba - Amiga, smbclient recurs problem":
> Hi All,

> I'm an Amiga user of samba. All is well with server and client except
> recursive mput within smbclient. It transfers nothing, and reports no
> errors. Can anyone help? My samba version is 1.9.16p9.

> More detail: I started with BIN: pointing to amitcp:samba/bin in which I
> placed sh, as recommended. I found without recurs set that mput #? (or mput
> *) reported that it could not find ls (which lives in amitcp:bin). So I
> moved sh to amitcp:bin and changed the assign for BIN: to amitcp:bin.

The Amiga has a few more file attributes than Unix, so the output from
AmiTCP/IP's ls command is slightly different from that of a Unix one, and I
guess that is enough to confuse smbclient. Install e.g. ls from GNU fileutils
(have a look on
<URL:> and mput
should work fine.

> nothing, and reported no errors. To make diagnosing this more difficult, I
> cannot find the log files (not in samba/log, samba/var) for smbclient, even
> when using "-d 1" switch. The server log files (and those for ITS clients)
> appear fine.

AFAIK, smbclient doesn't log anything anywhere.


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