Samba - Amiga, smbclient recurs problem

Chris Ryan Chris.Ryan at
Mon Dec 8 10:07:29 GMT 1997

Hi All,

I'm an Amiga user of samba. All is well with server and client except recursive mput
within smbclient. It transfers nothing, and reports no errors. Can anyone help? My
samba version is 1.9.16p9.

More detail: I started with BIN: pointing to amitcp:samba/bin in which I placed sh,
as recommended. I found without recurs set that mput #? (or mput *) reported that
it could not find ls (which lives in amitcp:bin). So I moved sh to amitcp:bin and
changed the assign for BIN: to amitcp:bin.

mget worked fine with recurs on, transfering a whole dir tree from the server (Unix)
to the client (Amiga). However, mput with recurs on did nothing, and reported no
errors. To make diagnosing this more difficult, I cannot find the log files (not
in samba/log, samba/var) for smbclient, even when using "-d 1" switch. The server
log files (and those for ITS clients) appear fine.

I would appreciate any feedback. Does any Amiga user of Samba have any tips? 

Cheers, Chris.

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