Problems with Self extracting zip files

Bond, Jeffery Jeff.Bond at
Mon Dec 15 09:50:10 GMT 1997

Hi folks,

I have a curious problem when executing self extracting zip files from a
samba share. Everything does work, but it is very very slow. Copying the
.exe onto local disk (from the samba share) takes no time at all
(500kb/sec). I would say it takes about 10 times as long to unzip when run
directly from the samba share. This happens will all self-extracting exe
files, and also from any share that I create. Any clues?

The samba server is running 1.9.17p4 on FreeBSD (486dx4), the client is
Win95b on a P133, and I have a very standard and basic smb.conf (sorry, I
couldn't send it right now). I'll send more details if anyone has any ideas.


Jeff Bond 

Jeffery Bond
<mailto:jeffbond at>

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