AT Scheduler fails to xcopy to SAMBA volume but mapped NTFS shares OK

Dr. Gerard Hammond g.hammond at
Mon Dec 15 03:02:19 GMT 1997


I have a very simply batch file that simply copies a 300M file to a SAMBA
volume but the job fails if run via the NT scheduler.

Manually running the batch file (ie double clicking in the file manager)
works fine as does changing the destination to another "real" NT Share.

The problems only occurs on SAMBA volumes and not when using another share
from another NT.

The batch file contains only one simple line

xcopy "d:\current datafile\garvan.4dd" "t:\"

where t drive is the mapped samba volume.

Originally I thought it was something to do with "who owns/runs the AT
Scheduler" but setting it's author to be me (via startup button in the
services control panel - I am an administrator on this machine) still fails
to copy.

I have deleted the file from the samba server and still it never copies.

Any ideas on what I can do to the samba smb.conf or is a MS bug?

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