NonDeterministic Disk Full Errors

Robert A Elkins Robert.A.Elkins-2 at
Wed Dec 10 22:54:32 GMT 1997

We're presently running Samba 1.9.15 on a Dec Alpha running OSF-3.2.  We've
been running this configuration for over a year and have developed a new
problem in the last few weeks.

Intermiddently, when a user attempts to save a file or copy (via desktop) a
file to the server, the server returns a disk full error.  If the user
tries the exact same transaction, it usually works on the second or third

Following is the output at debug level 3 when it fails:

unix_clean_name [./test/networkr.log]
unix_clean_name [./test]
creating new dirptr 0 for path ./test, expect_close = 1
12/09/97 17:28:57 Transaction 104 of length 88
switch message SMBopenX (pid 19990)
unix_clean_name [./test/NETWORKR.LOG]
unix_clean_name [./test/networkr.log]
Error opening file ./test/networkr.log (No space left on device)
-- I think it is trying to do a System 5 creat() call here and failing.
12/09/97 17:28:57 error packet at line 1001 cmd=45 (SMBopenX) eclass=3
error string = No space left on device
12/09/97 17:29:07 Transaction 105 of length 46

- Now, here is the same transaction, tried seconds later with successful

switch message SMBopenX (pid 19990)
unix_clean_name [./test/NETWORKR.LOG]
unix_clean_name [./test/networkr.log]
12/09/97 17:29:07 elkinsra opened file ./test/networkr.log read=No
write=Yes (nu
mopen=1 fnum=1)
chdir to /
Created share file /usr/local/samba/var/locks/share.-478816851.554359 with
0x11 pid=19990
12/09/97 17:29:07 Transaction 109 of length 52

Does anyone have any clues what might be the problem here?  Naturally the
disk has plenty of space, think the volume is 91%

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