setup problems

Russell Lane rlane at
Wed Dec 10 22:12:50 GMT 1997

Hi folks --

I'm trying to share out my home directory and one other directory from
an SGI O2 running IRIX 6.3 to an HP Vectra running Win NT 4.0.  I'm
having some problems and would appreciate a hand.

I've read the man pages, DIAGNOSIS.txt, the FAQ, and most of the other
documents in the distribution.  My problem is probably a simple
configuration issue, but I haven't been able to get to the bottom of it
based on what I've read.

Okay, here's how I'm set up:

Following the documentation and man pages, I built and installed the
binaries on the O2 and created the following minimal smb.conf file:

        workgroup = WORKGROUP
        guest account = guest

        browsable = no
        writeable = yes

	path = /usr/people/rlane/stuff
	writable = yes
	comment = Test stuff

I've set up smbd and nmbd to run on demand as services provided by inetd
by making the appropriate entries in /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf.  

There is a "guest" account on the O2.

My NT and O2 accounts have the same username and password.  As it may be 
relevant, both my username and password contain lowercase characters.

My account on the NT box is in the WORKGROUP workgroup.

Here's what happens:

o   Running testparm and smbclient on the O2, everything is copacetic.  
o   From the NT box, "net view \\servername" lists "stuff" and "rlane"
o   From the NT box, "net use g: \\servername\stuff" yields this:

1.  First attempt, I get a prompt for a password.  I enter my account
password, which is rejected as invalid, and the attempt fails.

2.  Second attempt, I get no prompt, just the following message:

"System error 1240 has occurred."
"The account is not authorized to login from this station"

That's it.  Any advice etc. will be gratefully received.

Please accept a newbie's apologies for the WOB if this is addressed in
the distribution or online docs -- I read'em pretty thoroughly but
unfortunately the solution didn't jump out at me.  

Cheers -

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