Problem with Share visibility on Samba

Wong Hoong Shen hswong at
Wed Dec 10 09:55:09 GMT 1997


I'm running Windows NT 4.0 (SP3) as a client and using samba v1.9.17p4 on 
Solaris 2.5 for a server and ran into some problems with the visibility 
of shares. I'm not too sure if this is a feature or a bug.

After I connect to the server the first time, the shares being listed on 
my client don't get refreshed properly. After connecting, I had removed a 
share from the server and added another. The problem is that the share I 
removed does not get removed from the client. The client can still access 
that share even though I find that it is gone when I use smbclient to 
access the server (this gives the correct picture). Moreover, the new 
share I posted doesn't appear in my client's explorer until a few minutes 

Any ideas where the problem may lie (if it is not an expected situation)?


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