adding NIS+ support

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Dec 8 19:11:07 GMT 1997

On 8 Dec 1997, Stefan Nehlsen wrote:

> Hello,
> is there anybody out there, who is working on NIS+ support for Samba?
> If not I will start with it:
> 1. Making "nis homedir (G)" work with NIS+.

if you explain to me how it works, i will look at it.

> 2. Mapping the smbpasswd file to a NIS+ table. (Does this really
>    make sense?)

yes it does, except remember that the stupid microsoft idiots (who caused 
us to have to create the smbpasswd file by using 16 byte password hashes) 
forgot to make their password algorithm a one-way comparison system.

in other words, the 16 byte hashes are clear-text equivalent.  storing 
them in a NIS+ table is therefore not a particularly good idea, unless 
you add a level of obfuscation (oh dear, i've done it now: mentioning 
obfuscation.  i hate obfuscation.  i can't even pronounce it).

it's all quite pathetic of microsoft, really.  their attempt at 
obfuscation, by the way, is decoded by pwdump and by the nt server 
equivalent utility (available in the netutil directory of the nt server 


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