1.9.17 printing across subnets

Urs RAU urs at uk.om.org
Wed Dec 3 22:58:14 GMT 1997

I cannot print across my subnets using microsoft win9networking.

I have two subnets 192.168.0 & 192.168.1 of which the linux 
running samba server is the router using two ethernet cards .
Workstations on both subnets share their printers from win95.

Win95 machines from both sides of the subnet can telnet to both
ethernet cards on the server and can also ping all machines across
the two subnets.

In win95 networkneighbourhood all printers (and workstaions for that
matter) from BOTH subnets show up correclty. However the users can
only print on the printers on "their" side of the subnet.

So I have a working tcp/ip net and working netbios over tcp/ip on
the two subnets BUT i do NOT have working netbios/netbeui(or
whatever it takes) printing across the subnets.

Does samba allow printing across subnets?
urs rau

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