Too many users for samba?

Steinar Kaaro Steinar.Kaaro at
Wed Dec 3 13:44:27 GMT 1997

I've been running a Linux machine (RedHat 4.1 kernel 2.0.27)
with Samba 1.9.16p9 (built by RedHat) for about 1 year now.
Everything has been working just fine, but recently I increased
the number of users. When I get to about 75 users the whole
system goes down, with messages like:
  Unable to load interpreter
  No more processes
  File table overflow
If I manage to kill Samba, the system recovers and I can start
Samba over again, but when I reach about 75 users, the thing
goes down again. I've turned on heavy logging on Samba, but
it says nothing about any problem.
I've tried to increase the memory, and I now have a total of
128Mb, but with no difference. I've upgraded to 1.9.17p2
(RPM-version for RH 4.1), but this version crashes when I
reach about 60 users.
Can anyone please give me some clue on what could be causing 

Steinar Kaaro
E-mail: Steinar.Kaaro at

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