netbios-ns address already in use?

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Wed Dec 3 04:34:09 GMT 1997

In the 1.9.18 series is normal t have two nmbd processes (when nmbd is
run it forks another nmbd. This is to prevent blocking DNS calls).
That's why you have two nmbd's.

Regarding your error message: are you sure you are not running nmbd as
a daemon? If running as a daemon then when inetd tries to run the nmbd
daemon it will fail, I think. If you are not running as daemon try
killing all the nmbd processes and start again.



Tim Winders <twinders at> wrote:
: I was just browsing through my logs and noticed this many times:

: Dec  2 14:00:37 barney inetd[3021]: netbios-ns/udp: bind: Address already
: in use

: netbios-ns should run on port 137/udp right?  This is the samba nmbd
: server, right?  When I do a ps -fe |grep nmbd I see this:

: root       708     1  0.0   Nov 26 ??           3:52.39 nmbd -n Alpha_1000
: root       709   708  0.0   Nov 26 ??           0:00.01 nmbd -n Alpha_1000

: So, nmbd is already running... IF it is already running, why are these
: error showing up in the daemon.log file?

: I am running 1.9.18alpha11 on Digital Unix 4.0b

: Thanks!

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