out of processes (SAMBA digest 1393)

Keith Farrar farrar at parc.xerox.com
Thu Aug 21 15:34:47 GMT 1997

Check for lpNet processes. Sometimes the network printing (lp) subsystem
in Solaris runs amok...

I sometimes see machines pounding here when lpNet attempts to check the
status of a downed printer. The system seems to loop, spawning tens of
instances of lpNet, each of which polls every print server it can reach.
At which point the daemon appears to wedge. Another lpNet then will be
spawned almost immediately.

Sun clamied this will be fixed by SunSoft Print Client (bundled with
2.6 and available as a separate download).

My "solution" was to shut off Samba printing on mySolaris Samba servers,
and to recommend direct lpd connections for NT clients (Win95 clients are
using Novell print queues). We probably will be moving to NT print servers
in a few months.


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