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Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Thu Aug 21 17:01:18 GMT 1997

At 12:46 AM 8/22/97 +1000, Gerhard Mueller wrote:
>I have red the  E-mail from Christophe Dumont from 17 Mar 1997We have a 
>similar problem. In our smb.conf we have the entries:
>   hosts allow = 193.174.234., 192.124.248., 193.174.235.,
>   workgroup = IMBNET
>   printing = SYSV
>   printcap name = /etc/printcap
>   load printers = yes
>   passwd program = /usr/bin/yppasswd
>   share modes = yes
>   browseable = yes
>(origininally we had the line:
>hosts allow = 193.174.234. 192.124.248. 193.174.235 )

I use the method
	allow hosts	=
However, what you are doing should work fine.

>The samba-server is in the net 192.124.248 and all computer in
>this net (but only these) can use the samba-services. PC's from the other
>classes will get the meesage:
>System error 53. Network path not found.
>Is this a general routing  error for netbios protocol or somthing like 
>this or has anybody an idea for a solution - other than a seperate  
>samba-server installation in each network class.

I get this too, for hosts not specifically allowed. Isn't this what you
want? All hosts, not on the allowed list, will be disallowed.

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