Win95 clients not logging in to Samba

Louis Mandelstam lma at
Wed Aug 27 06:52:17 GMT 1997

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> > [homes] support in Samba.  I've no clue if the [homes] way of doing things
> > in standard in the NT world.
> nope!  not a hope in hell of it being standard, which is why we have this 
> problem now.

Off-topic, but just where is a user's home directory normally found in an
NT setup?

Something like \\server\users\username, with access restrictions
preventing you from accessing places like \\server\users\otheruser ?

> the smbd process setuids to root when the user logs off.  it doesn't die, 
> because the background logon process under NT may still have files open.  
> then, your 2nd user logs on.  and the path suddenly changes under the NT 
> machine's feet.  it may attempt to close files whose path has changed.
> good idea: not good for storing profiles, though.

Well, at least not when accessing using NT workstations.  What about

> > Do system policies go into netlogon I presume?
> yes, they do.  although i am informed that you need to manually configure 
> the w95 machine (some obscure registry setting: if you find it, please 
> let us know: i will be looking too!) to _use_ the config.pol file.  i 
> have been told about the configuration of NT workstation to get it to use 

The Win95 boxes on this LAN are set up from scratch to suit my taste
(no _that_'s an exaggeration) so any necessary registry entries will be

I'm planning on putting up a Web page with all this (as well as Win95
installs from server using the DOS msclient, which I posted about before)
when I have some time.


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