Win95 clients not logging in to Samba

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Tue Aug 26 09:16:34 GMT 1997

[please excuse the (possibly stupid) nature of the indentation on this 
posting: i installed office 95 after installing exchange client, and 
it's overwritten my default viewer.  given that i am with pi for only 
four more working days, i'm going to leave it as it is].

BIG NOTE - lkcl at will become invalid from the end of august 

right - we understand what's going on, and the bottom line is, you 
can't use the [homes] share at the moment to store profiles.  it _has_ 
to be the share _generated_ from the [homes] share.

for NT, this is because there is a background process that downloads 
profiles for you, that doesn't drop the connection just because a user 
logs out.  therefore, the [homes] share will still be redirected to 
the old user, and the background process (probably WINLOGON.EXE) still 
has valid file handles open on this [homes] share.  for w95, if there 
is a problem with some logout or some file handles whereby a file is 
still open on the [homes] share, w95 will intermittently display the 
same symptoms, namely:

when the second user logs in, the [homes] share will still be pointing 
to the old users' directory, except that they won't be able to access 
any of that user's files because smbd will have done a setuid() to the 
new user.

we'll be looking into this, to find a solution: if nothing else, we'll 
have to enforce "browseable = no" on the [homes] share, which will 
catch everyone out who is using it ("i'm trying to use roaming 
profiles and i can't get it to work") but at least when "logon path = 
\\%L\%U\profile" (which i will suggest be made the default, for 
compatibility with both NT and w95) instead of "logon path = 
\\%L\HOMES\profile" no-one will get caught out by the above problem.

rob, are you using the current default of "logon path = \\%L\HOMES"?


From:  Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton[SMTP:lkcl at]
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Subject:  Re: Win95 clients not logging in to Samba

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Rob Naccarato wrote:

> We are running Samba 1.9.17alpha5 with Win95 OSR2 clients.
> We have a very annoying intermitent logon problem where
> the clients don't seem to run the netlogon script and then
> gain access to the desktop as the previous user including
> the connection to their home share.  From the Samba logs,

ah, _you're_ seeing this occasionally, are you? GOOD!  so am i :-)

if you have any NT workstations, you should be able to see these 
(seeing [homes] and [user1] AND [user2] at the NetShareEnum level) 
single time.

it happens, i think, when the first user (user1) logs off, and somehow 
logoff doesn't trigger the smbd process for user1 to die.  normally
(under w95) it does.  under NT, at the moment, it definitely doesn't.

a login by user2 immediately afterwards will connect using the smbd
process previously used by user1.  OOPS!  because the shares are still 
set up, particularly the [homes] share, for user1.

then, you get [user2] created, but the share [user1] still exists!

i have only been able to reproduce the problem, not fix it: i've sent 
details, as best i can, to the other samba team people, so that those 
more familiar with smbd (where the problem lies) can fix it.  in the
mean-time, i keep on hacking a local copy of smbd to see if i can 
this down some more.

> the client appears to not always make a connection to the
> [netlogon] share to run the logon script.  It does, however,
> always connect to [netlogon] to open the config.pol file, which
> is always run after the logon script.

[hm.  personal question: how did you get it to open / load the 

> We are using Kixtart version 3.37 (or whatever the latest
> version is), and we've noticed an occassional share violation
> on the kix32.exe file in the Samba logs.  We've also just
> noticed a new error in the Samba logs that says, "Connection
> 23 not open".  What the heck does that mean?

??? absolutely clueless.

Kixtart (hur hur).  is that the program that modifies the registry?
particularly, it's being suggested for use in modifying the local 
directory location to an SMB share, making you appear to have roaming 
profiles, where instead you're just wasting bandwidth every time you 
at the start menu?

> Any and all help greatly appreciated.

if anyone else knows anything about this, can apply some brain-power 
smbd, or anything, i'd also appreciate hearing from you, through the 



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