Backup to Windows DAT tape via Samba

Mark W. de Raad netmwdr at
Thu Aug 21 01:48:33 GMT 1997

Morning people!

I was wondering if anyone has ever had any experience backing
up a Unix machine using a Windows95 backup program using
Samba? Basically, I am mounting a few shares on the Unix machine
and including these in a backup schedule of the windows network.

I am encountering some interesting problems:

	backing up files like 'Windows95.txt' and 'windows95.txt'
	which can exist at the same time on the Unix machine, and
	show just fine in the Windows share, basically causes the
	tape drive to go into a loop and back up the first file
	infinitely (up to 170G!!)

	files like 'Windows95.txt.bak' and 'Windows95.txt' cause
	the same problem as above.

Can anybody offer me some assistance? Is this infact a good way
to back up?



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